FLASH - October 12
Friends, thanks to our last few donors, we made the $3000 challenge, and this takes us $898 over our $15,000 Goal.  Thanks to every single one of the 137 donors who made this urgently-needed campaign a great success. And you can still donate here.
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The $3000 match is from a 95-year-old friend of Revolution Books. Here is her challenge to you:

"I want to help keep open this special bookstore which is also working to get Trump and Pence out of power. WE BETTER HURRY UP! I hope many people will join me and donate.”

Last Wednesday, a day after the Trump fascist shit-show of a "debate," Revolution Books hosted our spokesperson, Andy Zee (also a co-initiator of RefuseFascism.org) and Jason Stanley, author of How Fascism Works, in a livestream dialogue on HOW FASCISM WORKS & HOW TO STOP IT. This is the kind of indispensable, penetrating programming Revolution Books does.  We need to turn up the volume and put these events in front of a geometrically-expanding national and international audience and community of support. And yes, in a hurry.

Please join the $3000 matching challenge donor, and many others in this campaign, to help make this happen. 

* Aissatou, 16-year-old volunteer on why she did a bake sale to support Revolution Books:

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Inspired by the historic statement issued by Bob Avakian, On the Immediate Critical Situation, the Urgent Need to Drive Out the Fascist Trump/Pence Regime, Voting in this Election, and the Fundamental Need for Revolution, Revolution Books launches 60 Defiant Days from Revolution Books: Talks, Dialogue, and Performance. In the Name of Humanity, Trump/Pence Must Go!  

This is an urgent call to act. We are counting on you to sustain and support Revolution Books and its critical work.  $15,000 by October 10th is needed.

A “stop everything” moment.  Trump marshals his forces to hold onto power and further consolidate fascist rule. He unleashes fascist gangs to brutalize and intimidate the beautiful rising against racial injustice that has filled the streets of this country. The regime moves to quash truth and punish critical thinking-- with Trump threatening to cut off funds to schools teaching the 1619 project and the true role of slavery in the history of the US.

The pandemic continues... fateful elections approach... and people are hungry for understanding and the flight of imagination. You can feel and see it at the recent Sidewalk Discussions of Donald Trump: Genocidal Racist, a new series by Bob Avakian.  Diverse groups from a dozen to 35 people participate. Some have taken to the streets, answering the call of Refuse Fascism for mass sustained non-violent protest to drive this regime from power. Others come from the Harlem neighborhood. People of differing perspectives and understandings of fascism, revolution, voting--struggling together with a passion to confront the horrors and stop them.

Revolution Books aims to have a much greater impact, reaching to broader sections of people and opening up society-wide debates over the choices before us.

60 Defiant Days From Revolution Books: Talks, Dialogue, and Performance. In the Name of Humanity, The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! Days of passionate, informed, and politically urgent discussion and debate, inspiring and challenging cultural events. With panels featuring a diverse range of scholars, social justice activists, and writers; open-air discussions of Bob Avakian's writings; spoken word and musical performance; and more! 

Your support enables RB to promote and catapult “60 Defiant Days”...to recover lost sales caused by the pandemic shut-down of the store...to cover monthly expenses...to restock the shelves with books that matter...to host sidewalk discussions...to broadly promote our virtual events and online bookselling page. All to take on and meet the most momentous challenges of our time! 

Donate. Call on people to join you by donating and spreading the word. Make a video statement that you and we can share. Bring your skills to meet the goal of $15,000.  No donation is to small or too big! It's about humanity and the future.

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